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"From the beginning to the finished project, Kara was intuitively attuned to capture my vision. She will not only exceed expectations but make the process enjoyable. Anyone blessed to work with her sees she's one of a kind!" 

Jessica (California, US)

"I love my wand, I use it pretty much every day! It helps keep my mood elevated & I don't feel so anxious anymore. It's one of my first go to's to clean my energy after a long, draining day" 

-Krystal (Ontario, CA)

"I received my bedroom imprint package for my love life & WOW! I made the changes and almost immediately met my new boyfriend. You helped me clear my space, my heart, my home, to welcome new love into my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"  

-Cheryl (Quebec, CA)

Becoming Whole again community

Join us, a group of 10 courageous women who wrote their hearts out for this movement of us linking arms to be seen, heard, and heal through this journey of life. 

The first 3 months of sales will be donated to an organization called Shyne, with the mission of economic advancement and financial freedom of survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking through small business development and entrepreneurship.

I wrote because I had held in my stories for too long. It was time to empty myself of the painful experiences of my past to come forward as the more authentic version of myself, who is no longer afraid to speak. Even if my voice is shaky and my knees are trembling, I can hold it in no longer. May my story bring love and strength in knowing that I see you, feel you and know you. We are all human, and it's time now more than ever to see our similarities rather than our differences.

Together, we can invite supportive conversations around our body, shame and the projections of a society that would rather we sit isolated in our "neatly packaged" boxes. Let it be messy . . .

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